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What's included in Ibiza.PlayAbout 2024 Wristband

Exclusive wristband give a free entry to all Ibiza.PlayAbout 2024 Events between 16-23 May 2024, 7 night parties and 7 day parties/sunset parties.
Day/Sunset Parties: Sunset Boat Party, Space Ibiza Sunset Party, Cafe del Mar Sunset Party, Ibiza Jet Apartments Pool Party, Ibiza Rocks Bar Family Barbeque, Rio Boat Preparty, Bay Bar Beach Club Cocktail Party + Hiking Trip in San Antonio
Night Parties: Eden Next, Summum, Rio Ibiza, Plastik Ibiza, Tropicana

Ibiza.PlayAbout 2024 Events Programme

Thursday 16 May 2024

hotel pool, palms, ibiza
tropical logo_edited_edited.png

13:00 – 18:00   Welcome Day @ Tropical Hotel Pool

On arrival at Tropical Hotel you will receive your Ibiza.PlayAbout wristbands.

Our dedicated and passionate team will be welcoming you at the Hotel Pool, with a beautiful smile, make you feel at home and also answer any questions or concerns you may have or, even give you an advise on how to be safe and sound during our events.

Rio Opening (Logo) (32 x 22 cm)(4).jpg

21:00 – 05:00  Opening Night @ Rio Ibiza

Ibiza.PlayAbout 2024 Opening Night starts at Rio Ibiza, where everyone will get to know each other better, listen to our amazing DJs who are opening our event with great music and meet other guests who arriving during the night.

Due to the limited capacity of the venue we can only guarantee entry with our exclusive Ibiza.PlayAbout wristbands.

Friday 17 May 2024

Bay Bar (32 x 22 cm).jpg

14:00 – 20:00   Opening Day Party @ Bay Bar Beach Club

Come and join us for our Opening Day Party where our guests can get to know each other and the promoters to feel more like a family and our DJs will be delivering amazing vibes for all the Ibiza.PlayAbout family to enjoy!!

palms, beach, sand, island, flyer

23:00 – 05:00   Funk The Island @ Plastik Ibiza

HoldFunky and Ibiza.PlayAbout are teaming up to deliver a special night Funk The Island at Plastik Ibiza. An amazing experience at the new venue with HoldFunky journey of happiness and amazing music delivered by CK&JC and friends, with exclusive decor that brings joy to the experience from the beginning till the end.

Due to the limited capacity of the venue we can only guarantee entry with our exclusive Ibiza.PlayAbout wristbands.

Saturday 18 May 2024

IBIZA ROCKS (32 x 22 cm)(1).jpg

14:00 – 20:00   Family Gathering @ Ibiza Rocks Bar

Come and enjoy our FREE Family Barbecue at the famous Ibiza Rocks Bar, surely the best burgers in town. It is a chance for the guests to get to know each other and the promoters, to really feel like a family.

On arrival at Ibiza Rocks Bar each guest will receive a free meal ticket, menu include: • Main: Chicken Pitta or Burger (several options for burgers) • Side: Fries, Coleslaw or Corn, Salad • Drink: Small soft drink or water. And all for free, is one way to say thank you for supporting our amazing friendly event!

Free meal is only available for Ibiza.PlayAbout exclusive wristband holders.

22:00 – 03:00   WestEnd Party @ Tropicana Ibiza

Would be rude not to party and experience a famous West End in San Antonio! Join us and experience the famous West End with our amazing DJs!
Due to the limited capacity of the venue we can only guarantee entry with our exclusive Ibiza.PlayAbout wristbands.

Sunday 19 May 2024

View from top of the mountain, san antonio ibiza, san antonio bay, top view, sea, boats

14:00 – 16:00  Hiking About @ San Antonio, Ibiza

Join our family for a hiking trip in San Antonio Hiking About to the top of the mountain to Capella de Sa Talaia!

Take amazing pictures and videos of the beautiful landscape of San Antonio while climbing to the top of the mountain. See San Antonio like you have never seen before!

Hiking About trip is optional and begins from the hotel Tropical.

Meeting point: Hotel Tropical Pool at 14:00.

15% OFF FLYER (1928 x 1005 px) (32 x 22 cm).jpg

19:00 – 23:00   Sunset Party @ Café del Mar

Join us for the iconic Sunset Party at famous Café Del Mar for chill out sessions with our amazing DJs. Enjoy beautiful view of the coast, stanning sunset and dance while having nice cocktails!

Due to the limited capacity of the venue we can only guarantee access to the reserved area with our exclusive Ibiza.PlayAbout wristbands.

Pink The Party (32 x 22 cm).jpg

23:00 – 06:00  Pink The Party @ Casanova Summum

We are very delighted to host our first Pink the Party event!

As the name says, let's pink the party with pink! It is a new experience to all of us and we all need to make it happen for this experience to be successful. As pink is Ibiza.PlayAbout main brand colour, we would love our guests to dress as much pink as possible to blend with our decorations and lighting, as pink is glowing, peaceful and fun colour and we really believe that altogether we can make this night to remember!

Monday 20 May 2024

wet about (1928 x 1005 px) (32 x 22 cm).jpg

14:00 – 20:00   Wet About @ Ibiza Jet Apartments

Ibiza.PlayAbout is coming back to Ibiza Jet Apartments, Platja den Bossa for the second year for a wild pool party Wet About. Our DJs are in charge to deliver the finest Tech House Music and give us the best experience possible till 8 in the evening. Enjoy the sun, the pool and the music!

Casanova (32 x 22 cm)(4).jpg

22:00 – 06:00   We Play About @ Casanova Summum

New venue for Ibiza.PlayAbout, Casanova Summum, a unique club adorned with 1980s touches, the creation of Lluís Güell, who is also behind the iconic Café del Mar and Es Paradis. This club stands out not only for its vibrant homage to the 80s but also for encapsulating the artistic and architectural vision of Güell, making it a must visit destination for those seeking an immersive experience in the legacy of Ibiza's nightlife history.

Tuesday 21 May 2024

Space Ibiza, sea, blue sky

19:30 – 23:30   Eden Pre-Party @ Space Ibiza

There's nowhere on the island quite like the Sunset Strip in San Antonio as the sun sinks towards the horizon. Join us at one of the iconic chillout venues Space Eat & Dance, the latest venture by the man behind Space nightclub, Ibiza legend Pepe Roselló.

Eden 1 32 x 22 cm)(1).jpg

00:00 – 06:00   MusiConnected @ Eden Next

What night we will have at one of the iconic super clubs Eden. Ibiza.PlayAbout taking over Eden Next to deliver another night to remember. Night of pure upcoming talent to watch in 2024.
Come, join us and dance like no tomorrow, dance with strangers, make friends and be free with Ibiza.PlayAbout family!

Free entry is only with our exclusive Ibiza.PlayAbout wristbands.

Wednesday 22 May 2024

RIO PRE PARTY (1928 x 1005 px) (32 x 22 cm).jpg

15:30 – 17:30  Boat Pre-Party @ Rio Ibiza

On the last day of our week long event, we have something special planned for you!

We kick off with the boat Pre-Party at Rio Ibiza, to check in for the boat party, regroup again, have a few drinks to get us into the party mood and all together head for the trip of our lifes, Sunset Boat Party ''Floating About''!

BOAT PARTY (32 x 22 cm)(1).jpg

18:00 – 21:30   Floating About @ Sunset Boat Party

Ibiza.PlayAbout is taking you on the trip of your life! Sail to the deep waters of San Antonio, listen to the finest house music played by our amazing artists and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. The experience you will never forget!!!

RIO CLOSING (32 x 22 cm).jpg

22:00 – 05:00   Closing Party @ Rio Ibiza

Come and join us again at Rio Ibiza for Ibiza.PlayAbout 2024 Closing Party, where our DJs will be delivering amazing vibes for all the Ibiza.PlayAbout family to enjoy the last night!

Thursday 23 May 2024

Tropical Hotel Ibiza, swimmimg pool, trees, blue sky, people sunbathing
hotel swimming pool

11:00        Tropical Hotel Check Out Day

All the guests have to check out at 11:00. The hotel provides a luggage room. If your flight is late in the day, after having completed the checkout, you can still leave your luggage and keep using the hotel facilities and common areas. Courtesy shower rooms available at any time on your check-out day so that you can enjoy your stay in Ibiza until the very last minute.

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